Photos By Joe Lance
Trolley, Light Rail,  and Train Photos from North America and Europe

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Video Clips
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PDF Files

Flash Files
MUNI 162 Geneva Carbarn MUNI 162 on J line PRW Baltimore Streetcar Musuem
MUNI Slide Show -1    
Austin Texas -- Capital Metrorail (Flash Files)
Waters Park Road at Adelphi Lane First Day of Revenue Service  

From the Gerhard Salomon Film Collection
Lehigh Valley Transit Clips 1947 to 1953
Rockhill Trolley Museum

Click here for information on full length videos from the Gerhard Salomon Collection
PTC in the 1950's Pittsburgh LV NRHS Fan Trip 7/10/1966  
Action at Ardmore Jct.
Rockhill Trolley Museum
The Liberty Liner Under Power
Scranton Transit
The Grease Car Clears the Main for a Limited Southbound 1000 at
Germantown Pike and Brush Siding
Liberty Bell Car 1006 passing Wire Grease Car 79
Liberty Bell Line Scenes Snow Sweeping on GreenawaldsAllentown City Line Clips
Liberty Bells at Sellersville Easton Limited Allentown ExcursionReading Steam at Souderton
LVT 435 Fan Trip Lehigh Valley Transit 940Liberty Bell Limited

Assorted Videos
2005 to 2008
PTM 2711 Birthday Car PTM 4004 and 66 FairgroundsPTM 3756 5/6/2008
MATA 143 Being Towed Video Slide Show PTM 4004 McClane Loop
PTM -- Action at the TDB East Wye PTM 78
Fairgrounds & Richfol
PAT Station Square Evening 3/23/07
PTM 1711 -- Richfol PTM Shuffling cars
out and in to the Shop
NJT River Line -- Burlington
Pittsburgh Railways 1711
Pittsburgh Station Square
MATA 143 in service

FTP Girard Ave.
Fan Trip - 9/18/05 -1

FTP Girard Ave.
Fan Trip - 9/18/05 - 2

FPT Girard
Fan Trip 9/18/05 - 3

SEPTA 2336 9/18/05

SEPTA Route 100 Hughes Park 9/16/05

SEPTA R5 9/17/05

Steamtown 9/14/05

Strasburg N&W 475 Outbound 9/13/05

Strasburg N&W 475 Inbound 9/13/05


Muni Clips
August 18 to 23, 2005

Market & Powell, 4th & King, Along the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building

Market & Powell
Evening Scenes

Ferry Plaza and the Wharf Large File

Fan Trip Video
Part 1

Fan Trip Video
Part 2

Civic Center

West Portal Ave. & Market Street Night Scenes

Cable Car Scenes

San Francisco Zoo Train

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum  August 5, 2005

New Orleans 832-1

New Orleans 832-2

New Orleans 832-3


Young Museum Visitors


Rockhill Trolley Museum
Scenes -- 2005

Brookville Weed Train


163 (Very large file)


249 and 172

East Broad Top Steam
July 9, 2005

McKinney Avenue Transit Authority
McKinney Ave. Route Map

MATA 122 9/5/2005


MATA 122 8/30/05

MATA 636 Barn Turn In

McKinney Ave. Morning Rush

McKinney Ave. After Lunch on the
Avenue 4/26/05

McKinney Ave Scene 4/19/05

McKinney Ave Scenes-1 4/15/05

McKinney Ave Scenes-2 4/15/05

McKinney Ave. Scenes 4/5/05


McKinney Ave. Scenes 3-29-05 11MB

McKinney Avenue 369
at Cityplace Station

McKinney Avenue 186
at McKinney Plaza

McKinney Ave 186 passing 636 on McKinney Ave.

McKinney Ave 186 passing 369 on McKinney Ave.

McKinney Ave 143 in service

McKinney Ave 186 at Bowen

Rockhill Trolley Museum -- PCC II Fan Trip March 2005

Rockhill Trolley Museum
PCC II Fan Trip Video Clip 1

Rockhill Trolley Museum
PCC II Fan Trip Video Clip 2

Rockhill Trolley Museum
PCC II Fan Trip Video Clip 3

"Railfans in Action"
 March 20, 2005

(Large File - 23MB)

Running on Chester Ave.

SEPTA 9110 Island Rd.

More SEPTA Clips from the March RTM Fan Trip
(Very large file 18 MB)

Island Road Loop Action


Super Saturday -- PCC II Fantrip -- February 2005

SEPTA 2336 at Island Road Loop 2/5/05

SEPTA -- Action at Malvern Loop 2/5/05

SEPTA 2336 Leaving Yeadon Loop

SEPTA 2336 Returning to Elmwood 2/5/05

SEPTA Scenes 6/10/03

A very short New Orleans clip


LVT 419 Plus Allentown street scenes circa 1940


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